Travel Log – Lima, Peru (Part 2)

写真 2018-01-07 16 50 51

Jan. 07. 2018


Waking up in the morning, I had this pain in my face, neck, and shoulders.

First, I wasn’t sure why, but then I looked in the mirror, and saw that it was sunburn.

This was unexpected. I was prepared for a “sort of a cold” weather. I knew it was summer in Lima, but I heard I needed to be prepared for cold weather in Machu Picchu… I just wasn’t ready for such a hot weather.


But now I know.

And now I have this farmers tan to prove I learned my lesson.


I went upstairs to have breakfast.

Today, besides me and the other 2 guests from Germany, I found out there was this other girl staying in this place.

I didn’t see her yesterday because apparently, she stayed somewhere else.


She’s from Vancouver and is a graphic designer.

She’s traveling and working at the same time.

I think that’s really cool.

I’m trying to do that myself, but I haven’t found a good rhythm to do it efficiently.


Today I had problems with the SIM Card I got yesterday. Because of this, I spent half of the day figuring out how to fix the problem.

My initial plan was to make reservations to go to “Caral” (which is about 1 and ½ hours north from Lima by bus) or “Ica” and “Nazca” (which is about 3 hours south from Lima by bus). But when I tried to make the reservations (after solving the SIM Card problem), it was too late…

So, I guess these places will have to be visited some other time.

And tomorrow, I will enjoy more of what Lima’s got to offer.



Jan. 08. 2018


The 2 guests from Germany left to each of their next destination.

It’s sad to say goodbye. Hope I get to see them sometime when I go visit Germany.


Today, I decided to go visit the “Plaza de Armas”, which is Lima’s main plaza.


I heard a couple of things happen at midday, so I went and got there at around 11:30 to see what happens.


The first thing that happens is that the bells toll at the “Catedral de Lima” (Cathedral of Lima). The cool thing is that the bells toll with the melody of Ave Maria.

Not just a piece of it, but the entire song!


Love it.


The other thing that happens at midday is at the “Palacio de Govierno” (Presidential Palace).

There’s a ceremony of changing of the guards. This ceremony took about 10 to 15 minutes, and it was interesting.



You could see lots of people selling selfie sticks.


I guess this is the popular thing to sell tourists these days.


After these events ended, I wanted to go inside the cathedral to look around.

I was surprised to hear that you have to pay to enter the Cathedral.

Later I realized that there’s a museum right next to the cathedral, so the entrance fee is for both the cathedral and the museum.

I wasn’t that interested in the museum, but oh well.



Anyways, the entrance fee is just 10 Soles ($3).


After that, there was a river nearby, so I went to check it out.

I saw this guy carrying a rat on each of his shoulders.



The river isn’t that pretty. But you can notice both sides of the river are well protected by barriers. A guy nearby told me that there was a flood a couple of years ago. That’s why they built these barriers. So that the river doesn’t overflow again.


Anyways, there was this good-looking restaurant at the other side of the river.



So, I went in.


I have this huge list of food I want to try in Lima. One of the foods I really want to try is “Pollo a la brasa”. In English I think it’s called “Rotisserie chicken”.

This was a restaurant specialized in Chicken, so of course I expected them to have it (it’s even written on the entrance).

But when I ordered it, the lady said, “We don’t have that here.” … oh well.

I ordered something similar, and it was good.写真 2018-01-08 14 15 44

So, I’m happy.

The purple drink is “Chicha Morada”. This is a non-alcoholic beverage made of purple corn and a bunch of other stuff. It’s very sweet.


After finishing lunch, I went back to my Airbnb walking.

It was a 2 and a half hour walk, but I enjoyed it.


Some of the scenery reminded me of San Jose.



One thing I noticed is that they have a lot of “Rotondas” (Roundabouts).

Another thing I noticed. This might be just my imagination, but I think there are more KIA cars than any other maker.

Another curious thing is that there are lots of public telephones.写真 2018-01-07 16 45 52

There was this museum Harold recommended me that I really wanted to check out, but after walking for so long I got tired.



So, I didn’t.



Jan. 09. 2018


Today is the day I leave Lima.

It is also the day I have to say goodbye to this Airbnb that has been so kind to me.

The girl from Vancouver also leaves today, so I guess this place is gonna be guestless for a while.

I sayd goodbye to everyone and went to the bus terminal.写真 2018-01-09 10 52 55


From here, I’m heading to Cusco.

It’s a 22-hour bus ride.


Last summer, when I traveled around the U.S., I used the bus very frequently, so I can say I’m comfortable riding a bus for extended periods of time.

But since this is South America, and things might be a little different here, I was a little worried.

But once I get in the bus… It was incredible.

The seats were like “business class” seats on airplanes. And each seat has its own screen in front, so you can watch movies!写真 2018-01-09 11 26 03

I couldn’t believe this.

The 22-hour ride cost 187 soles ($57).

In the U.S., it cost me over 3 times that price for a 18-hour ride. And it was with regular bus seats (and, of course, no individual screen).


But, I shouldn’t be angry at how expensive the U.S. is. On the contrary, I should be amazed at how cheap it is to travel by bus in Peru.


I watched 2 movies and slept the rest of the time.


I watched “The Circle” and “2:22”.

I do not recommend neither of these movies.


By the way, the bus company I chose was called “Cruz del Sur”, and I highly recommend it.



To be continued.

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