Travel Log – Lima, Peru (Part 1)


Starting on Jan. 05 through Jan. 22, I traveled through Peru and Bolivia.
I know I’m not even halfway through the U.S. traveling logs… but I’ve decided to put it aside for a moment, and first write about my experiences from this South American trip.


Jan. 05. 2018


This is my first visit to South America.

Even more, this is my first visit to the south hemisphere.


I don’t have a specific schedule. The only thing I’m sure of is that I’m meeting a friend at Uyuni, Bolivia on Jan. 17.

I have no plans from Jan. 05 to Jan. 16.


Starting this January, a new air route from San Jose, Costa Rica to Lima, Peru opened. This is enabling people to travel from Costa Rica to South America much cheaper than before.


The airline is LATAM (Later I came to know this airline is infamous for a couple of reasons). logo

The flight from San Jose to Lime is around 3 hours.


The first thing I noticed when I got to Lima.

Everyone is talking in Spanish.


This is obvious. But now that I’m thinking about it, this is the first time I ever visit a country that its native language is Spanish.


It felt weird.

It didn’t feel like abroad.


I took a Taxi from the airport to my Airbnb. I made reservations for 4 nights (for no reason in particular).

In the beginning I thought 4 nights might be too much.  But it turned out to work perfectly.


It was past midnight when I got to the Airbnb, so I went directly to bed.

A night here was around US$10.



Jan. 06. 2018


The Airbnb where I stayed included breakfast. I went up to the dining space in the 3rd floor.

There I realized I wasn’t the only one staying at this place. There were 2 other guests besides me.


A man probably in his 60s, and a blonde girl. They both came from Germany. They didn’t come together though.


The girl just finished high school and is traveling around south America. She said she’s planning on traveling for 9 months before getting into college.

I thought this was amazing, but she said it’s not such an unusual thing in Germany.


The man, he enjoys traveling a lot. And he goes traveling abroad as soon as he gets a chance.

He said he’s going to travel across South America for the next couple of months.


They both have been staying in Lima for 2 weeks, so I asked them what cool places I could visit.

They recommended me so many places, it was impossible to visit all the places in 4 days.


But before going anywhere, I had to go look for a SIM Card.

Harold (the host of the Airbnb) said “If you want a SIM Card, you should go get it at ENTEL”. 20160311144710_1_gallery

So, I did.

It took me around 30 minutes just to get it. Security is very strict in Peru concerning this.


After getting my SIM Card, the first place I decided to go is “Callao Monumental”.

Up until a few months ago, this wasn’t a very safe place to go visit, especially for foreigners. But it is famous for its street art, and because of this, visitors would risk themselves to go see this art.

Recently, security has increased and now it is not as scary as it used to be.

Now, it is starting to become the new “Hot Spot” for tourists in Lima.



It is still a little scary on the way getting to this place though.


To Callao Monumental I took “BEAT”, which is an app very similar to Uber.

Harold said its more common to use BEAT.

So, I did.

Too bad the app didn’t accept my credit card. I had to pay with cash.


From Callao Monumental, I walked along the coast all the way to “La Punta”. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Being in the middle of summer here in Lima, you could see a lot of people in the beaches.
The only problem is… that there’s no sand.

There’s only rocks. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And people just lay on the rocks as if it was sand.

It doesn’t seem very comfortable, but what do I know. It might be good for your back.

Afterwards, I asked someone about this, and he said that there are sandy beaches if you drive 30 minutes either to the north or to the south.


After walking for about 2 hours, I got really thirsty, so I went to buy my very first “Inca Kola”. Inka-kola-dos

It tastes like some new kind of Fanta. It was good.


For my ride back to my Airbnb, I decided to take a minivan. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

These things seem a little scary, especially if its your first day in Lima. But it is cheap, and it can take you far. So, if you manage to communicate correctly with the driver, this is the best way of traveling around the city.


The funny thing about these minivans, is that besides the driver, there’s this guy called “El cobrador”. This guy spends the whole time calling out on people walking on the streets to get in the minivan. Even if the minivan is nearly full, he keeps calling out on people and packing the minivan as much as possible.


That night, I went to Miraflores to meet up with a friend and had dinner.

Miraflores is the area in Lima where the “touristic places” are concentrated. So, you can find nice restaurants around here.

We really wanted to try the Cebiche here.


Side note: The BEAT guy who took me to Miraflores told me that many restaurants in Lima don’t serve cebiche at night, because it loses its freshness. But I guess that doesn’t apply to the restaurants in Miraflores, because all the places we asked, they did serve cebiche.


By the way, the cebiche here was the best I’ve ever had in my life. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We also ordered Arroz con mariscos (sea food rice). This was really good as well.



To be continued.

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