Travel Log – Dayton OH (Part 1)

July 8.


After staying for 2 weeks in South Bend, I was ready to head to my next destination.


Dayton OH.

A friend of mine lives there and told me I could stay for a couple of days.


First, I went to Indianapolis.

A 4-hour ride on the Greyhond.

All you can see out the window are wind power generators sticking out the seemingly infinite corn fields.

↓Looks something like this. (I forgot to take a photo, so I got this from the internet)Indiana-corn-field


I got to Indianapolis, where my friend was waiting to pick me up.


Apparently, there was a bike festival going on this day.



In the middle of the city, you can see this big thing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

The city’s symbol.

This monument was finished in 1902, and is a tribute to Indiana’s soldiers who served during the American Revolutionary War.


We had lunch at this cool indoor market place, though most restaurants weren’t open maybe because of the bike festival thing going on.



We passed by a couple of places, and then got to Dayton.


When we got to my friend’s house, this lovely lady was waiting for us.img_5739_37202278104_o

I’ve met too many cats during this trip already.



July 9.


The National Museum of the United States Air Force


They say you can find almost any type of fighter plane. And most of them are real.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




From one of the first airplanes made over 100 years ago, to the latest high-tech spy planes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You can find almost anything.


They even had rockets.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We walked around pretty quickly, but it still took around 4 hours to see the whole place.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Many of the planes here actually did see action during war, and you can tell by the burn marks in the engines, or sometimes even bullet holes in the aircraft body.


Once you notice this, you start to think about things.


“I wonder how many of the pilots of these planes are still alive.”

“Having so many planes that saw war action in a single place, this place must be very spiritually charged.”

“It’s a little sad to think, when the Wright brothers were working on their first airplane, they were focused simply in making men fly, but once they made it fly, it didn’t take long for people to start making fighter planes for war.”


While looking around, I was having conflicting feelings all the time.

You can feel the passion of the people who designed and built these airplanes. But at the same time, you know these are machines created to cause violence.



This is the plane that dropped the atomic bomb over Nagasaki…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Oh, speaking of the Wright Brothers. Dayton is where the brothers where born and created the first airplane.


I thought it was cool that the football team of the University of Dayton are called “The Flyers”.


The souvenir shop was very patriotic. Love it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




To be continued.

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