Travel Log – Chicago IL (Part 2)

July 6.


Went to my first ever Major League Baseball game!


Chicago Cubs VS Milwaukee Brewers.



Went with my brother in law and his friend.


This was also my first time ever to ride a convertible.



…I think I want one.


Today’s opponent are the Brewers, who are fighting for the top spot in the National League’s central division (I didn’t know this at that time, I googled it afterwards).


The day is as sunny as it can get, and I’ve got a nicely cooled beer.



What could possibly go wrong?




…But we lost.

2 vs 11.


The Cubs lost, but at least I got to see last years trophy.


And I found this at the store.snapseed


Wrigley Field. (Front gate, I guess?)img_7643


Before heading home, I really wanted to pass by This place.

The United Center.


I remember when I was like in 3rd or 4th grade, I used to watch NBA games on TV with my dad.

We would follow the Bulls.

It would have been ideal to come and watch a game with him.


Oh, well.



We didn’t want to just go home after being crushed so badly today.

So of course, we went to the casino.


…And we won!


So in the end, I’d say it was a good day.





※Thoughts after visiting Chicago:

・It was much more enjoyable than NYC or Washington DC. I’m sure it was because I got to enjoy it with people I love. You hear people say “It’s not about where you go. It’s about who you’re with.”. I guess this is true.

・I wasn’t planning on going and watch sporting events during this trip, but watching this game got me wondering about other sports. I’ve seen baseball games in Japan, and they are very different. I’d like to watch a Football game if possible. I guess that would be the ultimate American experience.

・The Pizza here is indescribably good.


Travel Log – Chicago IL.      The End


P.S. Fun fact about Wrigley Field: It’s a little hard to notice in this pic, but on top of the buildings outside of the stadium, you can see there are stands facing the field. The actual stands inside the stadium are much lower than the buildings, making it possible to watch the game from outside the stadium… but still, from the stands.


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