Travel Log – Chicago IL (Part 1)

While I stayed at my sisters place, we went to visit Chicago twice.



To get to Chicago, it’s a either a 2 hour drive or a 3 hour train ride(The South Shore Line: $13.5).

It is very accessible.


July 1st.

Breakfast at “Yolk”.img_7547


Apparently there was this international festival happening this day, and people were dressed in costumes representing their country.

Not sure what this festival was, but I took a pic with this guy… from Egypt?img_7550


Architectural ferry tour on the Chicago river.img_7551

Usually, when you see a building that stands out from the others, you might think “what a tall building!” Or ” cool design!”.

But if you take one step further and get to know the history behind the construction or the meaning of the design, the city becomes that much more interesting and colorful.

For example, this one(tall building on the right).img_7548

The first thing to notice is, of course, the big “TRUMP” sign. And because of this you might have the impression that this building is meant to stand out from the other ones. But actually, this building was designed to blend in with the surrounding buildings.

Having mirror windows is one detail to enhance this idea.

Another thing is the various roofs in different levels. Each roof represents an important building in Chicago, being at the same height.


Garrett Popcorn.img_7546

Sooo good. I recommend this place.


The Art Institute of Chicago.img_5491

As was the Metropolitan Museum in NY, this place was huge!

I have to come back sometime and spend a whole day here.


In front of the museum.img_7544

Starting point of Rout 66, also known as “The Mother Road”(the road sign above the guy wearing the blue shirt).

It must be so much fun to have a road trip from here all the way to Santa Monica, CA.

Maybe next time.


Pizzería Uno.img_7541

One of the “must go” Chicago style pizza places.

I don’t usually get in line to have a meal, but this was totally worth it!img_7542



To be continued

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