Travel Log – 2nd stop: DC

June 24th.


Got on the Greyhound heading to Washington D.C.

I’ve heard many “not so good” stories about the Greyhound, but personally I thought, at least this one ride, wasn’t that bad.

The ride was 4 to 5 hours long.


I first went to the hostel, left my backpack, then went to explore.


Got the Metro Card.

Rechargeable as it was in NYC.

The difference is that you only need to touch the censor, as opposed to have to swipe it(the NY way).


I only have about 24 hours in D.C., so efficiency is key when exploring.

Good that we’re in summer, so it doesn’t get dark until after 21:00.


There was this festival, “Barbecue Battle” taking place.
It smelled soooooooo good.

But my time here is limited, so I moved on.


First, I was worried because there were so many places I wanted to visit, but then I realized most of the famous sights are located close to each other.

Lucky me.

So, I decided to look around all the places that are near the hostel. And tomorrow, I’ll visit the places that are a little far away.

※I’m not making the same mistake twice. This time I planned my exploring strategy beforehand.
 ↑U.S. Capitol

The first place that came to my mind when thinking “D.C.”.
 ↑Washington Memorial

I think usually you’re able to get in, but it was closed.

This guy wasn’t scared of humans at all. Not sure if that’s a good thing tho.
 ↑Lincoln Statue

So many people, I guess because it’s a Saturday. Couldn’t get a good shot.
 ↑Street performers in front of Lincoln Memorial.
 ↑The White House

A lot of people where here despite being around 23:00. I wonder if Mr. Trump was home.


End of day 1.


June 25th.
 ↑9/11 Pentagon Memorial

The names of the victims were carved in benches, while a stream of water flows underneath, like a small river.

A gentle sound of flowing water is all you can hear, since the place is far away from any roads.

Very peaceful.

This might be my favorite place in D.C.
 ↑Marine Corps War Memorial 

I’ve always been interested in visiting this statue.

I didn’t know it was this big(I’ve noticed I’ve already had this reaction quite a few times during this trip).

Being a little far from the train station, there weren’t that many people around.


The End.


※My thoughts on D.C.: First, the Metro was really clean and easy to understand.

Also, as I mentioned previously, most of the famous sights are located close to each other.

It’s a tourist-friendly location.


But, it was really hot as well.

Needed to drink a couple of these.You can only imagine how much sugar is in this thing… but it was so good.



Travel Log – 2nd stop: DC.    The End



Bonus Pic: I liked the message

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