Travel Log – NYC (part 4)

June 23rd.

This day, I also had plans to see a friend.

This time, it’s been 5 or 6 years of not seeing each other.

Time seems to be flying a little too quickly, especially during the time I was working in Japan.

My plans of meeting my friend was at night, so I decided to go to a museum until the time comes.


There are so many museums I wanted to check out, but I decided to visit only one.


But before that, I had to go taste the famous NYC $1 pizza.(sorry, I forgot to take pictures)

I wasn’t expecting much about it, since it’s only $1. But it actually tastes really good.

Even better than the $3 hotdogs from the stands, which in my opinion, are too expensive.

※Here a tip in economizing: when buying food, go to shops where you pay first, or just do “take out”. That way you don’t need to tip.

Heard this from a friend. Sounds harsh, but NYC is just too expensive man.


Got sidetracked.


Metropolitan Museum of Art.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA↑A street performer in front of the main entrance. You can’t see it here, but he had an awesome mustache.

I’ve heard this place was big, but didn’t expect it to be THIS big.

I forgot to get a map at the entrance. Didn’t care at that moment, but after 30 minutes or so, I got lost…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


※Metropolitan Museum of Art visiting tip: take the map at the entrance.


img_5379↑I don’t know why, but I liked this painting.

I think I was at the museum for about 5 hours. But I managed to cover only about a 1/4 of the whole place.


At night, met my friend at a bar near the hostel.

Talked, drank for a while, and said goodbye.


And with that, my last day in NYC came to an end.


※My thoughts about staying in NYC for 3 days: Not enough.

There’s just so many interesting places to go see. Restaurants ,shops, museums…
No wonder they call it the busiest city in the world.


Another thing, I really gotta study more before entering a new city.


Travel Log – NYC The end


P.S. I really wanted to go see banksy’s “Peeing Dog”.(↓this one)img_6681


But when I got to the place, it was gone… Oh well.img_5382

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