Travel Log – NYC (part 3)

June 22nd.

Just as I expected, I woke up this morning and my legs were still tired for walking so much yesterday.

Gotta take that into account from now on.


Today, I first head to the financial district located in the southern part of Manhattan.
↑September 11 Memorial: My first impression… so much bigger than I was expecting.

To think there were 2 huge buildings standing right here until 16 years ago.

The sound of the water is all you can hear as you can see all the people standing and looking at the memorial.
↑Charging Bull: I learned afterwords, it is said that by touching its balls, you’ll become rich.

Wish I knew this beforehand…

I need to do more research before visiting places from now on.

You can’t see it in the picture, but there’s a statue of a little girl standing in a courageous pose in front and facing the bull.


For lunch, I met with a friend from high school.

Last time we saw each other was in the graduation… so that’s 12 years ago!?



We had these really good tacos at the Chelsea Market, and afterwards we went to this bar called “Le Bain”, located at the highest floor of a hotel.
Having a drink with this weather and this view! What more can you ask!


Said goodbye to my friend and kept exploring.
↑The Statue of Liberty: heard of a location where you can see the statue very well…

but it seemed a little too far.
↑Brooklyn Heights Promenade: You can see the sunset behind Manhattan.

I sat on a bench to look at the view for a few minutes, but when I realized I was there for an hour.
↑Brooklyn Bridge: beautiful bridge. Took this picture from a park nearby. This place was full of couples.


After getting back to the hostel, I spent the rest of the night at the lounge playing pool with my roommate, and other 2 guys I met there(an Australian and a Colombian).

It’s very nice and exciting to visit all these cool places in NYC, but I realized spending time meeting new people from around the world is what make this trip more memorable.


To be continued

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