Travel Log – NYC (part 2)

June 21st. Super Sunny!

Left the hostel at 10:00 with my roommate, and first thing we did; he showed me a supermarket where I can buy food cheaply. Here I can get my breakfast for the next few days.

Then, he showed me how to use the Metro. The card is prepaid, same as Japan, so it was easy to understand.

※1 ride is about $3.


We headed to Manhattan, and he wanted to visit the Museum of Math so from there we each went our own separate ways.
Since I’m going to be in NYC for 3 days, I decided today to just walk around the city.

I didn’t expect Manhattan to be this big…
Today’s Highlights
Bryant Park(Midtown): Here on weekdays, business people spend time to have lunch or just chill.

Its funny, there’s a place in Tokyo with the same name(midtown). It has the same vibe, I guess they took the idea from here.
Nintendo Shop: The only official Nintendo shop in the world. Wonder why there isn’t one in Japan.

I was tempted to buy the Nintendo Switch, specially after watching this guy playing on that huge screen.
Times Square: Apparently there’s this thing, “Yoga Day” once a year. And it happened to be this day.

Wish I knew beforehand. I would have liked to join.
Broadway: I really wanted to go watch the musical “Hamilton”.

But the ticket was $340!!??

Maybe next time.
Central Park: I knew It was a big park, but I wasn’t expecting THIS big!

It took me 3 hours walking to get from one extreme to the other.

People playing music, drawing and selling art, doing puppet shows(↑), doing exercise, lying down on the grass reading, walking their dog.

At the center of the park, you couldn’t hear any cars. It was peaceful.
The Apollo Theater: Heard from a friend that Wednesday’s are “Amateur Night” so I went to check it out.

But I got there and found this…


I have no idea how much I walked this day, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to affect my legs tomorrow.


wish I had one of those devices that counts your steps



To be continued

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