Travel Log – 1st stop: NYC (part 1)

June 20th 2017. My backpacking journey starts here.

I’ve been dreaming of this moment ever since I was 10.

Being my first time doing this, I chose The U.S. as my fist country to visit(just thinking, since I have a few friends around and I’ve heard it’s a traveler-friendly country).

My travel plan is to “not have a plan”, and decide where I’m heading as I go. But for my first stop, I wanted it to be New York(just because it sounds like lots of fun).


I flew to NYC via Miami.Got my Sim Card in Miami(is $65 for a 1 month unlimited data SIM card expensive? I don’t know…)


During the flight, I was shaking. not sure if it was because Of nervousness or excitement.

And I couldn’t contain my smile when I saw the shiny lights in the Manhattan night view from the airplane window.


From the airport, I went to my hostel by taxi(it was late night and I didn’t want to venture through the trains at this point).

※Important note: The security guy at the airport told me that if I didn’t want to get charged an exaggerated fee, don’t follow the taxi guys calling at you and get in line for the official airport taxi. … good that I heard that.

But still, the taxi ride to my hostel in Brooklyn was $30. I think this is the first and last time I’m taking a taxi in the U.S.


I got to the hostel, went to my room #317. There, my roommate was laying dow on the bed playing with a Nintendo Switch.

He’s a Music University student from Hong Kong. He was passing by NYC before heading to North Carolina where he’s playing at a music festival.


That night we spent it playing Mario Kart and talking.


… I think I want a Nintendo Switch.


To be continued

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